Recordings from the” MaRIUS LIVE” event on 2 November 2017

The MaRIUS LIVE event was a key opportunity for stakeholders and researchers to meet and discuss the effect and impact of drought and water scarcity in the UK and what research outputs are available for the whole community.

At this event we set out the project’s research findings on the effect and impacts of droughts and water scarcity in the UK,  what outputs are available for use; what further work that is planned, and how interested parties can get involved.

The span of the MaRIUS project is large and covers physical and social science topics including: drought governance; drought options and management; community responses and environmental competency. It includes climatic aspects of drought and the derivation of a synthetic ‘drought event library’; hydrological responses both on a catchment and national scale; effects on water quality including nutrient concentration in rivers and algal concentrations in reservoirs, and effect of land use change; the ramifications on water resources on the Thames catchment and also nationally. It includes the impact of drought and water scarcity on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; agriculture and farming; the economy; and on electricity production.

Videos of all the presentations can be accessed using the links below and here.

All the slides shown in the presentations can be downloaded here.

0 MaRIUS – Intro and Summary

1 Helen Gavin: Introduction to drought and water scarcity in the UK

2 Trevor Bishop: Opening Address

3 Jim Hall: Setting the stage

4 Bettina Lange: Introduction to social science drought research

5 Kevin Grecksch: Governing drought and water scarcity

6 Catharina Landstrom: community involvement and drought

7 Questions to the social science researchers

8 Helen Gavin: Introduction to the physical science drought research

9 Richard Jones: new climate datasets for drought assessments

10 Thorsten Wagner: catchment scale drought modelling

11 Vicky Bell: National scale hydrology

12 Gemma Coxon: effect of drought on national hydrology using ‘Dynamic TOPMODEL’

13 Paul Whitehead: effect of drought on water quality

14 Alex Elliott: effect of drought on algae

15 Mohammad Mortazavi-Naeini: water resource modelling

16 Questions to the physical science researchers

17 Ian Holman: An introduction to research examining impacts of drought and water scarcity

18 Pam Berry: Impact of drought on ecosystems

19 Dolores Rey: impacts on agriculture and irrigation

20 Chris Decker: economic impact of drought

21 Jim Hall: The water needs of energy generation

22 Questions to the impact researchers

23 Panel Questions with all research speakers

24 Jamie Hannaford: get involved with the Drought and Water Scarcity Programme

25 Jim Hall: Closing statements

Research Podcasts

The MaRIUS researchers have recorded a number of podcasts over the project’s duration to help explain the work they are doing, and the aims of the MaRIUS project.  The podcasts take the form of voice narrated slides.  In addition to the MaRIUS research project podcasts, there are podcasts below from other sources, on the subject of drought and water scarcity.  We hope you enjoy watching them.

Click on the podcast title to watch the video.

 Narrator Podcast Title
Jim_Hall An Introduction to the MaRIUS Project

Prof Jim Hall, University of Oxford

Gianbattista_Bussi Algal Modelling

Dr Gianbattista Bussi, Oxford University

Christina_Cook UK Drought governance arrangements

Dr Christina Cook, Oxford University

Benoit_Guillod1.jpeg The climate datasets, particularly the ‘Drought Event Sets’, being generated in the MaRIUS research project 


Western US drought attribution, and the generation of synthetic multi-year UK drought events for risk-based impact studies

Dr Benoit Guillod, University of Oxford

Catharina_Landstrom Mapping Drought Knowledges in the UK

Dr Catharina Landström, University of Oxford

Dolores_Rey Evidence of increasing resilience in the irrigated agricultural sector in the face of increasing water scarcity

Dr Dolores Rey, Cranfield University

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Sociocultural perceptions and knowledge controversies

Dr Eric Sarmiento, University of Oxford

Impact of drought on ecosystems and their ecology

Dr Pam Berry, University of Oxford

Paul_Whitehead Impact of drought on water quality

Prof Paul Whitehead, University of Oxford

 LenShaffrey IMPETUS: Improving PrEdictions of Drought To inform USer decisions

Dr Len Shaffrey, University of Reading

 Kevin_Collins DrIVER –  Designing social learning systems for improving drought monitoring and early warning

Kevin Collins, Open University

 Henry Leveson Gower
 Abstraction Reform and Water Resilience outside of the Public Water Supply


Henry Leveson Gower, Head of Abstraction Reform and Upstream, Defra

Podcast of a talk he gave at the jointly hosted Oxford Water Network and CIWEM South Central Branch Evening Seminar on 16 March 2016