The MaRIUS project benefits from expert advice and support from a very experienced group of UK based project partners in government, industry and NGOs. These partners form the project’s Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and give inputs, in terms of time and expertise, to help steer the project. Liaison between the stakeholders and the project’s social and natural scientists have helped ensure that the outputs from the MaRIUS project, including the ‘impacts dashboard’, are matched to their needs and to the evolving policy context.

In addition we have close working relationships with Defra, Environment Agency, Ofwat, UKWIR and the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change.

Please meet the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group:

Ben_Piper_Atkins Atkins
Ben Piper is a Technical Director at Atkins, Water and Environment and has more than 30 years’ experience of water resources planning and management issues.
Glenn_Watts_EA Environment Agency
Glenn Watts works in the Evidence Directorate of the Environment Agency, leading a research team of 11 specialising in climate change and resource efficiency. His special interests are in climate change impacts and adaptation in the water sector, particularly concentrating on water supply and drought management.
Mike_Morecroft_NE Natural England
Dr Mike Morecroft is Head of Profession for climate change impacts at Natural England. Before joining Natural England Dr Morecroft led an ecology research group at CEH Wallingford
Paul_Hammett_NFU National Farmers Union
Paul Hammett is the National Farmers Union’s national water resource advisor.
 BillBaker NERA Economic Consulting

Dr Bill Baker is a Director of NERA based in London with water economics experience spanning more than 30 years and more than 30 countries, including estimating the benefits of avoiding water shortage, and devising practical ways for water supply companies to form good long-run supply-demand strategies in the face of water sector uncertainties.

Ronan_Palmer_Ofwat_EA Ofwat, Environment Agency

Ronan Palmer is the Chief Economist at the Environment Agency where he takes an overview of the Environment Agency’s engagement with the economy, and its use of economics in improving its business. He is also currently an interim Environment Director at Ofwat, where he takes a strategic view of Ofwat’s engagement with environmental issues.

NathanRichardson_SAG Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Dr Nathan Richardson is a Senior Water Policy Officer in RSPB HQ in Sandy where he is responsible for water resources, water quality and flood management policy issues. He also sits on the Blueprint for Water coalition of environmental NGOs. Prior to joining RSPB Nathan spent 25 years in the water industry and in water consultancy.
Paul_Sayers Sayers and Partners
Paul Sayers runs Sayers and Partners consultants and has a growing portfolio of international applied drought risk analysis, for clients including WWF with whom he is working on drought planning.
Barry_Bendall_RiversTrust Rivers Trust
Barry Bendall is a Director (East & South) at the Rivers Trust which is the umbrella body of over 45 rivers trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Ugo_Gasparino RWE Generation UK
Ugo Gasparino represents electricity generators in the project, and is a Lead Environmental Analyst at RWE Generation UK.
Thames Water
Dr Chris Lambert is responsible for developing Thames Water’s Water Resource Management Plan and Drought Plan.
Sarah Heineman is responsible for developing Defra’s approach to water resource management and drought resilience to meet the government’s manifesto commitment.