The MaRIUS project benefits from expert advice and support from a large group of experienced Project Partners.

The project’s International Advisory Board (IAB) which works to ensure that the research undertaken is of the highest international standards and will facilitate transfer to the UK of lessons from global research and practice.  The IAB will meet annually in order to review the direction of the research, advise on how the research is conducted and on how the research impact can be maximised in the UK and internationally.

In order to maximise the benefits from having these prestigious international researchers in the UK, the MaRIUS project will host Symposia which will be open to all interested parties, hopefully in partnership with other projects in the UK Droughts and Water Scarcity Programme, which is run by the UK Research councils.  Click here for further information on these Symposia.

Meet the members of the IAB below!

Gunter_Bloeschl Prof Günter Blöschl
Head of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management
Vienna University of Technology
Casey_Brown Prof Casey Brown
Hydroclimatologic variability and change, hydro-economics, risk management
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Modelling groundwater and large-scale hydrologic systems
Penn State University
Gregg_Garfin Prof Gregg Garfin
Deputy Director for Science Translation & Outreach, Institute of the Environment University of Arizona
Dustin_Garrick Prof Dustin Garrick
Water governance and institutions, hydro-economics, McMaster University.
Prof Alberto Garrido
Professor of Agricultural Economics
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Lee_Godden Prof Lee Godden
Director of the Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law
Melbourne University
Lesley_Head Prof Lesley Head
Director Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER)
University of Wollongong
stuart_lane Prof Stuart Lane
Hydrological modelling. Knowledge controversies
University of Lausanne
Helnny_van_lanen Dr Henny van Lanen
Hydrological drought, probabilistic analysis
Wageningen University
Ian_Prosser Dr Ian Prosser
Science Director for CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship Programme
Lucia_de_stefano Prof Lucia De Stefano
Professor of hydrogeology
Complutense University of Madrid
Dr Narendra Tuteja
Manager Extended Hydrological Prediction
Australian bureau of Meteorology
Don_Wilhite Prof Don Wilhite
Lincoln Director of the International Drought Information Center and the National Drought Mitigation Center
University of Nebraska